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IV Monitoring Day - 03 November - Tecnocampus Mataró

09:50Solucions-IM: SMS notifications (Speaker: Frank Espasa)
10:10Leng-d'or: Case of success (Speaker: Enric Cuixeres)
10:35OP5: Dashboards (Speaker: Jorge Montero)
11:30Solucions-IM: Phone notifications (Speaker: Frank Espasa, Sergi MarĂ­n)
12:00Solucions-IM: External monitoring (Speakers: Frank Espasa)
12:30Round table: The future of monitoring tools (Speakers: Juan José del Rio (TMB), Xavi Hidalgo (CSMS), Eduard Bernabé (Dagram), Frank Espasa(Solucions-IM))
13:30Closure / Lunch

- Shrimp Lollipops with vegetables
- Mini vegetable quiche
- Rolls briwat chicken and nuts
- Mini dinner roll with Iberian ham
- Mini brioche rolled with cheese and arugula
- Cod and ham croquettes
- Mini omelettes with potatoes, onion and zucchini
- Skewered Caprese mozzarella and cherry tomato
- Chickpea humus with mini pita bread

- Chocolate brownie
- Skewered fruit

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